Shannon Class

Shannon Class


450 deadlift

Spartan Race finisher

GORuck finisher


Crossfit Level 1


About Coach

I grew up an athlete, playing basketball and soccer, but after a couple of knee surgeries sidelined me during my senior year, I switched to college rugby at the University of Pittsburgh. After college, a friend introduced me to the CrossFit community and I loved the atmosphere and competitive nature of the community. I decided to start coaching as a way to continue learning CrossFit's methodology, as well as learn other types of training techniques to incorporate to develop well-rounded athletes. It quickly became something I love to do.

Turning Point

After my knee surgeries, my goal was to get back to the athlete that I was and wanted to be. I began "eating healthy" and working out constantly. At first, I felt accomplished with how "disciplined" I was. However, this "discipline" quickly went too far, and I went from a solid 140 lbs athlete to 85 lbs, constantly sick, and struggling to even stay awake throughout the day. My "healthy lifestyle" became more of a dangerous obsession than healthy. Crossfit was not the reason I recovered, but the community and the competitiveness, and the overall lifestyle have played a large role in shifting my mindset on healthy living while allowing me to still fill my competitive nature.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is not my main job. For me, coaching is a fun piece of my life. I love the teaching aspect, and I love that coaching means you are also a student who is constantly learning that way you can coach better, and I love Love LOVE the "aha" moments for athletes when something clicks and a new skill is learned or a new PR is hit.

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