Lauren Best

Lauren Best

Co-Owner/Coach/Physical Therapist

Clean: 185lbs

Snatch: 140lbs

Pull Ups and box jumps for days


Doctor of Physical Therapy

CrossFit Level One

Functional Movement Specialist

TPI Certified

About Coach

I am originally from Minnesota and went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a Division I Collegiate Diver. After being a collegiate athlete, I took my passion for human movement to Physical Therapy school in Arizona. During that time, I became obsessed with CrossFit and all things Functional Movement. After graduating from PT school, my husband Rob and I opened up what used to be CrossFit Uru and what currently is Hammer CrossFit. We have had a few name changes over the years, but we are still the same gym that focuses on building a gym that allows people to not only grow as athletes but grow in an incredible community. I currently own a Physical Therapy clinic that is adjacent to the CrossFit Gym. I have a passion for helping high-achieving individuals continue climbing their ladders by maintaining a pain-free and functional lifestyle. I enjoy working with CrossFitters, Gymnastics, and Golfers. The biggest thing we focus on in this gym is building a strong community. You may be joining to help your weightlifting or physique goals, but in the meantime, you'll find your best friends or a lifelong partner.

Turning Point

The turning point in my life was having kids. I have always been fairly active, but having kids really changes your life and your focus. It took awhile for me to realize that taking care of myself is part of taking care of them. It's important as a parent to take that 1 hour out of your day to put your health and mindset first to then be able to be your best at home later.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose and passion for coaching and owning this CrossFit gym is simply that I enjoy helping people find a place and way to improve their life through movement and nutrition. I have coached gymnastics and diving all growing up, and it was only natural to continue that throughout my life. Seeing someone succeed at doing something they didn't think they could or learn a new skill or even just make a new friend is what brings me so much joy.

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