Daniel Morgan Roberts

Daniel Morgan Roberts



USAW Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

ACE IFT Certified


TRX Suspension Training Certified


NPTI - 100 Hour Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Rock Tape PMT Certified

BA English and Nutrition

MAT Secondary English

About Coach

I discovered fitness after incurring a motorcycle accident in 2008 before I even knew what kale was. With aspirations of being a professional snowboarder coming to an intense halt, I discovered the power of physical therapy and the brilliance of the human body. From there, while still in rehab, I enrolled in Personal Training school after discovering the power of movement as medicine. After graduating from NPTI in 2009 with my PFT degree and training for my NSCA - CPT, I catapulted on a journey of human health and wellness. I first dabbled in the PT industry and bounced in and out of traditional gyms trying to discover my niche. I discovered CrossFit in 2013 after being introduced in college and while working as a Personal Trainer for the Campus Recreation gym. Although my definition of CrossFit consisted of borrowing workouts from the CF HQ website and commandeering the squat rack in the corner of the common gym, a seed was nevertheless instilled. I earned my first job as a CF Coach in 2014, the same year I sat for both my CF - L1 and USAW certifications. From there, I continued to pursue more certifications and school specialties surrounding health and wellness. I graduated with my double Bachelor’s in Integrated Therapy and Nutrition in 2017 from MSUD. Afterward, I earned my Precision L1 certification in 2019, the same year I was accepted into the Master’s of Nutrition at DU though I was never able to attend due to family obligations. I moved to Arizona in 2020 and began teaching CF immediately at a local gym in north Phoenix because I was adamant to discover some new box buddies. This same gym ultimately led me to the formerly known CrossFit Uru which led me toward The Barbell Saves Project and the rest is being written. That's what brings me to the coach I am today, constantly evolving and constantly growing and grateful to be amongst the Hammer family. It is an honor to grow with you.

Turning Point

The turning point in my life was being told I would never walk again. The catalyst in my life was learning how to. I have spent the majority of my life in hospitals and in physical therapy offices learning the nuances of human grit and determination. My fitness feats aren’t incredible, my squat numbers are not leaping off the page and my double-unders rarely make it under my feet more than a few rotations. I won’t be the first to finish a workout hardly ever, but I will be the last to give up almost always. Recovery has taught me the miracle of manifestation and the power of perseverance. I am grateful every day I get to step foot into a gym because each mastering of the movements and itty iteration of weight increase is a tiny triumph, one that I never anticipated. Every good story has an antagonist and protagonist, I don’t necessarily have an enemy in my life, if anything I have a diabolical teacher, one who I am grateful I have had the chance to sit at the learning desk of life and be bestowed with little granules of gratitude.

Motivation & Passion

My passion and motivation strain from the uncertainty of life, they stem from the chance to live today like today is all we have left. I coach because I like seeing humans conquer their fears and better themselves in the process. I coach because I like the opportunity to offer the tools to arm ourselves against mediocrity. I coach because I see the human body as a complex puzzle and I am adamant about ensuring this puzzle aligns properly. Overall, I coach because I want to learn because each class is an opportunity to grow and each hour places me one step closer to being better than I was yesterday.

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