Alex Lightfoot

Alex Lightfoot


Half marathon: 1 Hour 43 minutes,

225 Overhead Squat

1000m row 3:12

being alright at most things


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

At this point in my life, I’ve learned consistent hard work is the key to success. The things we want sometimes come to us quickly and sometimes slowly but they always manifest if we work towards them. Much like the sculptor who meticulously chips away at marble until their vision becomes reality. Every day is an opportunity to learn and do better and I have much much more to learn in this life.

Turning Point

As a youth, I was very active. Always moving. As I entered into my late teens and twenties I was living a far less than healthy life. Opting for late nights and poor decisions, towards the end of this period I was on a downward spiral. Through the help of those closest to me, I began striving to be a better me. I began this part of my journey as a runner and then found CrossFit in 2018. Through this, I have found discipline and dedication. My greatest enemy is complacency.

Motivation & Passion

“Être fort pour être utile“means fit to be useful. We all have something we are working towards. Whether that be competing in a competition, being and feeling strong, to just being able to scoop your grandkid up from off the ground. I want to be your coach/cheerleader/#1 fan when you set your goal and then go and achieve that goal. We are all so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Be your own incredible.

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