Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy not only can help with any injury or pain you are having, but with mobility restrictions, muscle relief, and recovery.

Dr. Lauren Roy, PT, DPT

Dr. Lauren Roy is a physical therapist, coach, athlete, and mother. Lauren received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University - Glendale, AZ. She specializes in manual therapy techniques and focuses on functional movement performance Lauren is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where she was a collegiate diver. As an athlete, Lauren gained interest in how the body moves, injury prevention, and muscle recovery. Soon after, she was introduced to CrossFit and instantly developed a passion about integrating the two therapies.

She strives to provide people with a healthy way to recover from injury, improve their fitness, and achieve their goals. As a physical therapist, she is able to analyze and break down movement to improve overall daily function or athlete performance. Lauren has a background in gymnastics and diving. She is a Minnesota sports fan and in her free time enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.